Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A fun therapy visit!

Sorry to have been away for so long! It's been a busy summer!

I wanted to tell you all today about the fun visit we did last night! Mom and I went to Kennedy Krieger for our monthly therapy dog visit. I've never done this visit, Rip and Xander always get to go instead. But mom says that maybe I'll get to go all of the time from now on...because I was so good at it!

We left John behind with Xander to help him at home...and we went off to bring some smiles to the kids!

There were a lot of kids there that were very excited to meet us...and one kid in particular got a kick out of my retrieving skills. Mom gave him a fabric key chain to throw for me...and he'd send it flying across the floor...and I'd run to get it and bring it back to mom for a treat. What fun! I've never heard such squeals of delight! Then he wanted to walk mom let him hold the leash down by my harness, as she held the handle end...she pushed him around the room in his wheelchair, while I walked politely by his side. We did lots of loops, and mom made him say "Watch Your FEET!" to me every time (I mean, I know how to watch out for the wheels...but mom made a game out of it...for the kid!). If I lagged a bit, she told him to say "Come on BEAN!" It was so much fun!

I love that I have two fun jobs...Service Dog first and foremost, and Therapy Dog second. It was so much fun to use my skills as a service dog to bring smiles to the kids' faces. I can't wait to go back next month!

*all worn out from last night*