Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's been awhile....

but I'm back now.  It's been a little rough these last few months.  My big brother Xander crossed the rainbow bridge and Mom & Dad were having a rough time too.  They are no longer together.  I got custody of Dad.  Ripley, Inara, Score, Fig, Puzzle, Odd, those stupid cats, and the new girl(Trill) all got custody of Mom.  I miss Mom sometimes, but not those other four legged things.  Dad's family in MD didn't want to help him, at all, so we had to move 4.5 hours away to VA.  We now live in an apartment, with no yard, with my big sister Jessi(Dad's daughter).  She's happy because she doesn't have to live on base anymore, she's in the Navy stationed in Norfolk, VA.

Jan 23, 2012....Well the first week at our new home went pretty good...met some of my big sister's friends(there was something about Navy, but I don't know what color that is)...begining of this week dad went a little nutso, but he seems better now...he said something about loose ends being tied and moving on. Not sure what that means, but I hope he's happy when he's done....I don't really like it when dad yells.....oh, and the bestest part, I'm the only dog so I get all the pets and attention.

OMG OMG says we're going out tomorrow....he say it supposed to be 64, but I heard 61....I hope he remembers to charge the scooter tonight....I think I'm getting a little fat, I need to exercise more...

Jan 24, 2012...Didn't get to go out today, wasn't quite warm enough for dad with the breeze. He said he's going to throw my ball thingy down the hall for me when I'm done here. Oh, Mom will be proud, I learned how to push the button to open the trash can today and no, not to get into it.

Today....Last night Dad said he found as sports bar .4 miles from home, so when it gets warmer, I'll be able to get back in shape.  Maybe even help Dad find someone new.