Sunday, July 13, 2008

Off to camp...

Mom is heading off to teach flyball at Canine Country Camp at Glen Highland Farm this I won't be posting much, if at all. She's taking the other four and going to spend a week playing flyball, hiking, swimming, and having fun with dogs and dog people. However, there is no cell phone reception, no internet, and the like. John and I will be here at home, and we probably won't be posting! More likely watching TV, playing Xbox and sleeping. Can you tell the couch potatoes in the family?

If you check out the websites linked in the above paragraph, you'll most certainly see pics of Mom and all of us Reds from last year's camp. We got photographed often because we're so beautiful (Inara) and handsome (The boys). We had such a good time last year, mom is thrilled to be invited back to teach again! This camp is many dog people in one place, hanging out with their four-legged best friends! And it all benefits Sweet Border Collie Rescue.

Hopefully mom will get home and put up some pics of our recent adventures (we went to hear the National Symphony Orchestra last week!)...


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


John and I went out today to get our county licenses. Mom keeps forgetting to stop at the vet and buy them. *eye roll* She's rather "forgetful".

Because Xander and I are Service Dogs, we got ours free, and John paid for Inara, Ripley and Score. He was annoyed because we got a late fee attached, that was more than the licenses combined. But, he paid, and we're all good now. Everyone is happy, except for mom who has to figure out how to cram more tags into our tag holders. (she hates jingling tags) She likes Pet Pocket ID* holders, but they're hard to find anymore. They just slide right on to the collars, so we can wear a variety of collars.

We are all up to date on vaccinations, physical exams (except for Inara...she's hard to get to the vet), and the county licenses. Yea!

~SDS (now legal in the county)

*Another thing that should go under "Stuff We Love"