Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Video: Working on a new skill

Mom sometimes leaves the cordless home phone on the kitchen table, where John can't reach it...if he's already sitting on the couch and comfy, it's hard for him to get up just to get the phone. So Mom said that we need to work on having me retrieve the phone off of the table.

I already know a go-out (to move away from John), and a "Paws" cue (to put front paws up on things) and the retrieve (to pick up the object and return to John holding the object). I also know the word "phone" What John had to do was click me for going to the table and then for putting my feet up and then retrieving. Essentially stringing together things that I already know. The video is from the middle of the training session we had the other day...I hope you enjoy!

Mom says to mention that this is a great illustration of why clicker training is so wonderfully easy for people with disabilities to train their own dogs. John stays put on the couch, and Mom just helps a bit with putting the phone back in place (and she signals me once with her hand to help me).

Monday, January 4, 2010

Video: targeting a door

Here's a nice little video for today...featuring one of our flyball friends, Kodi the poodle. He's working on paw targeting for flyball, but it's just like targeting for shutting a door, for those Service Dogs out there!

His mom is clicking and treating for two paws up on the target (duct tape on the door)...you can see her tossing the treats to him, so he stays in place.

Clicker training is so fun and easy...Kodi's mom can click/treat and handle the camera all at the same time! ;)


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

We went out with friends on New Year's Eve...a first time for us! We went to a pub that had a live band and a breakfast buffet...it was really fun! When we got in there, and the humans were getting their IDs checked, the security guy said..."I assume you got permission already?" All the humans were puzzled, and finally realized that he was talking about ME! :) They assured him that yes, I was a Service Dog and could be in there, and he got a bit embarrassed and said..."well, I didn't know..." We assured him that it was fine...and Mom told him that I didn't have ID to check. (Mom embarrasses ME sometimes!)

We actually scored a table too...amazing since there were ten humans. I love sitting at tables, as I know where to go...and what to do. I'm really good about going "under". I got right under, turned around so I could watch all of the drunk people later in the night and got settled. (like Mom) John was the designated driver for the night...so he got to watch all of the drunk people too.

The band was great...and played OLD music (Mom loved it, she said it was 80's). I mostly napped through the music...and only woke up when some cute girl wanted to pet me (John loves that part of having a Service Dog!). (I put a link to the band up above...just click the header.)

I love going out...and this was no exception! What fun! :)