Monday, February 23, 2009

Handicapped Parking

Someone sent this website to Mom, and we want to pass it along to everyone. We love this idea. Basically, it's a website that you can report Handicapped Parking fraud on...idiots who don't need the spot that park in them anyway. From the site: was launched as a place for community based reporting of handicapped placard abuse and fraud. Unfortunately, there is wide spread abuse of the blue placards issued to the handicapped, and there simply aren't enough police officers to issue the tickets.

Handicapped Parking Fraud

The site also has a lots of other resources for disabled individuals. :) We love this site, and we're going to be reporting abuse here from now on...and trust me, we see a LOT of abuse of handicapped parking spaces. Even cars that have placards or tags, but park into the hash marks...grrrr. Some of us need those hash marks for wheelchair lifts! Mom always says that people must think that the hash marks are there so they don't have to park straight.



Anonymous said...

While I agree that handicapped parking spaces may be abused by people who aren't disabled; I'm a little worried over citizen-"police". Sometimes a person's disability is invisible, this doesn't mean they are abusing handicapped parking. Just because you can't "see" it, doesn't mean it's a fradulent act. Lots of disabilities are invisible on the outside. Just want people to also keep that in mind as well. Thanks.

Service Dog Sawyer said...

The site does a nice job of making sure people report abuse, rather than getting confrontational at the time. They do explain that disabilities come in all forms, telling people not to jump to the conclusion that they're not disabled if they don't "Look disabled". ;)

All the site does is have people post a report...helps so people don't take matters into their own hands!

pitbullmamaliz said...

Inara says that Sawyer should be sure to pee on their tires also.

TheRedQueen said...

Liz, Sawyer peeing on their tires would require him lifting his leg more than 2 inches off the pavement...I don't think that's gonna happen...the big GIRL. My Inara lifts higher than he does!