Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dog Shopping!

Maybe one day Mom and John will let me drive, so I can shop like these dogs!

And it looks like the Viszla in the video is a trained Assistance Dog! Cool!


Noel/ Hoyden said...

Sawyer - Mommy says if you want to go shopping, you should put a reusable shopping bag into John's lap. Then bring him your collar, service vest & leash. Then sit and stare. If he ignores you, nudge once, if he still ignores you, bark at him.

If you want something on the shelf, you have to nudge John or Mom to get their attention, then sit next to it and point. If they say OK, you can put it in the cart, if not, just give them sad sad dog eyes.

My Mom taught me how to pick up her debit card because she drops it all the time.

She also taught me how to shop for fabric so she can use TWO 40% off coupons at Joann Fabrics. I bring my own shopping bag with cash & a coupon & the nice lady cuts the fabric, puts it in my bag and I go through check out by myself. I take the money out and give it to her & she puts the change in my bag.

I don't like the taste of money, so Mom takes me through drive through for a cheese burger or kids cone when we go to Joann Fabrics.

My Mom said that this is a wicked cool video & she going to go post it on her blog thing.

hearingelmo said...

Loved these videos Sawyer! Thanks for sharing!

(Hearing Assistance Dog)

Anonymous said...

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