Monday, November 29, 2010

The New Girl

Here she is!!!

Golden girl

We're still working on a new name for this beautiful blonde bombshell...we're taking suggestions!

Going with a mythology are the ideas we've had.

Vesta (Roman goddess of Hearth and Home)
Juno (queen of the gods)
Pax (goddess of peace)
Freya (Norse goddess of love)
Athena (goddess of wisdom)
Amica (Ah-mee-ka)(Latin for friend)
Aine (Ahn-yah)(Irish goddess of love, summer, wealth)

She's a wonderful girl, but is going to need a lot of work...she needs basic manners training so far! But she's picking it all up very quickly! I'll post more about her later this week!



hearingelmo said...

Ooooo. I like Amica! (So does Denise) Does that count as two votes? :-)

Anonymous said...

Tippet votes for Pax.

Anonymous said...

I like Juno

krismom said...

Kris votes for Vesta. She is beautiful!

Service Dog Sawyer said...

Well, Kris gets the final I'll test it out on her and see if it "works" for her. :) I personally like Vesta's my favorite too! Good taste, Kris!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

What about Danae (mother of perseus)

Mary H. said...

What cutie!!

She looks like a smart girl. :)


PositiveDogSite said...

Vesta is such a pretty girl!