Saturday, February 2, 2008


John just doesn't understand that I'm wasting away. All that work I do for him all day...and he can't spare a few measly peas.


He says it's hard to tell me "stolen" when I look so pitiful. (Uh...that's the point!)

I have been trained to ignore food and other items that I might find on the floor, unless specified to pick them up. Because John doesn't know what might be on the floor, I have to be taught not to eat random things. It could be medicine or food that would make me sick. I don't always like to do this, but I do because I usually get a good treat for doing it right. (if I ignore John's dinner, sometimes he shares a bite with me)

John trained me using the terms "Stolen" and "Paid For"...since "Leave It" and "Okay" come up more often in human conversation. Little kids usually get a kick out of this "trick" when we show off when we're out or doing a therapy demo.

Gotta run...John's eating!

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Sydney said...

Sawyer, you ain't missing much. Peas are icky! But green beans are a different story!

Sydney (a fellow service dog)