Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back to the keyboard

I'm back to the blog...and I have lots of be prepared.

John and I have been busy making pens for our upcoming craft show. John turns pens and other items on a lathe...keeps him out of trouble. I lay in the workshop and pick up anything he drops (tools, metal findings, sandpaper, odd bits of this and that). I don't mind the noise and the dust, it's just part of my job. Mom says I'm as cool as a cucumber. (whatever that means!)

We've been out and about more lately, as the weather gets warmer...and we had a flyball tournament this month also. Teaching classes, playing flyball, going shopping, making pens...that's what we've been doing.

Mom said we're going to do more blog entries on my training in the weeks to be prepared! Also, mom says we'll be talking about the puppies that we have in training to be Assistance Dogs (mom is in charge of puppies for Fidos For Freedom). I'm just happy the puppies are all in Puppy Raiser homes now, and out of our house!

For some pics of John's pens...check out his web page.

Sawyer's Turn



Sarah said...

You're back, hooray! Can't wait to read all about your many adventures. I hope the new puppies are still behaving themselves.

Logan said...

Hey Sawyer! It's hard to keep these blogs updated isn't it? Must be 'cause we are such busy service dogs!

I'm looking forward to reading more about your training and the new puppies. I had my first airplane flight a couple of weeks ago and I DID blog about that. Now I have to blog about my new automatic tennis ball launcher machine that I got for my birthday!

Wags and woofs,
Your pal, Service Dog Logan