Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Puppies in training

Mom's going to Fidos to teach Puppy Class tonight...but John and I are staying home. Sounds good to me! Puppies are annoying!

Mom says they're testing in another puppy tonight...a field spaniel pup. If it tests okay, she'll be our first field spaniel in the program. I hope it works out!

There are four puppies in training right now for Fidos, all with puppy raisers. Allie is a golden retriever, Denver is a lab/collie mix (best guess), Patti is a German shepherd/Lhasa Apso mix (yeah, I know!), and Tara is a standard poodle. We like a little variety!

All the puppies are doing well...maybe mom can get some pics tonight. They're all young and are enjoying their training. Just basic training right now...manners and such. I've talked to all of them and have told them that they have to work really hard because being an Assistance Dog is so much fun!


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