Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We've had our hands full...

Everyone at the house has been busy lately...no time to post on the blog.

See, the little Field Spaniel puppy that I was talking about last time I posted...yeah, she came into the Fidos program. Trouble was...we didn't have a puppy raiser lined up. So she came home with us. And she's been here ever since.

Her name is Dove, and she's currently 14 weeks old. She's all chocolate brown, with a bit of white on her chest. She's fun to play with...sometimes.

Mom has gotten her started on her training...she says that Dove loves the clicker. I wouldn't know, 'cause mom always locks us out of the room when she's training her. Something about us getting in the way...Hmmph.

John calls her the chocolate covered shark, for her habit of diving out from under the couch to attack. I think she's getting too big to continue this game for much longer though! Score finds it much funnier than I do!

She climbs all over Score...he finds it all very funny. She nips him all over, and he just takes it all in stride.

I only like to play with her when I feel like it.

She annoys Xander to no end...he finds her absolutely annoying, and she finds him fascinating!

"Uncle Xander, Uncle Xander! I gotta tell you something!"

I'm sure mom will post more cute pics of The Puppy...she seems to have time only for her anymore. *sniff*


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