Sunday, June 15, 2008

A long day

We did a craft show yesterday, to sell some of our work. Mom makes doggy items, and John makes hand-turned pens and other items. (his "company" name is Sawyer's Turn...isn't that cool?) We had to get up really early and be at the show, and set up by 7 am. John and I do NOT like to get up in the this was hard work.

We stayed there until 2pm. The day was really, really long. Met lots of nice people, and some of them pet me...I like that. I like when I meet little kids, especially. I had a nice bed to lie on all day, since it was a hard linoleum floor. The air conditioning was broken it was really hot too. Not the best show ever...since we only sold a few things.

The highlight of the day...the Tastefully Simple couple at the table next to us brought over some samples for John...and for me! They brought chips and salsa for John, and chips for me...and "twisty grahams" and rhubard dip for John, and plain grahams for me. Nice! They were yummy! John bought some salsa from them...he seemed to like it.

Maybe he'll let me taste that too...

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