Friday, June 13, 2008

Birthday dinner

We went to a birthday dinner for mom's sister (Auntie La-La is what we call her) tonight. We all drove down to N.VA and went out to a restaurant called American Tap Room. Mom says they have yummy crepes for dinner. I didn't get any to test out that opinion. Hmph.

John got settled, and I settled under the table, up against the scooter...and promptly fell asleep, as usual. This time though, we had more people join us after we got to the table...friends of my Auntie. They didn't know about me. We sat at the table all through dinner, and then mom got up to head to the restroom. When she pulled her chair back, a woman sitting at another table saw me lying there, and smiled and said something to her dinner companion. The people at our table (two were teenaged boys) were all shocked to know that I'd been under there the whole time.

That's what we call "un-obtrusive"!

See ya later...

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