Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stuff we LOVE

Mom says it's too hot to play outside...over ninety degrees out she says. I agree, it's too hot to do much of anything. So we're all inside wrestling with each other while mom surfs on the computer. She said that maybe we should do a post about the stuff we love for training. Sounds like a good idea to me! So without further is some of our favorite stuff.

Premier Easy Walk Harness
This is what I wear when I go out in public as a Service Dog. It is a front-clip harness...designed to keep me from pulling in a gentle, humane way. I can actually walk in buckle collar, but if I get the slightest pressure, I can gag for hours (mom timed me one really was hours). So I use this harness. It fits under my SD cape nicely. My cape is purple, and I actually have a purple Easy Walk too! It's comfortable for wearing for long days, and I have no problem lying down with it on.

Kong Tots

Mom and Score went to their first Clicker Expo this past spring, in Lexington, KY. One thing they came home RAVING about was Kong's training treat...Kong TOTs (Traing Opportunity Treats). Mom had seen them before, but only in small containers at Petsmart. Kong was the Treat Sponsor at the Expo, so mom and Score got to try these treats in large quantities. Score absolutely loved them (of course Score would probably eat rocks too...who can trust a pit bull/lab mix in matters of food?). Mom bought a couple bags (large packages...not the wimpy little containers at Petsmart), and we're still going through them. These things are great! Low-fat, yummy beef liver, low-allergen (only two ingredients)...and they don't make a mess in John's treat pouch. I could eat these things all day!

Monster Dog's Sure Grip Lead

This is something that John got custom made a few years ago. We were at a flyball tournament in WI, and saw these folks with tug toys and leashes. (Mom bought a tuggie from them...still using it!) John saw this "Sure Grip" lead...and had to have one. It has a bumpy, rubbery outside, covering a flat core of nylon rope. Super strong, and it doesn't slip off his scooter armrest. He even ordered a custom one with two loops (one at each end) that he uses to maneuver his legs around now. These people are great, and did them to order...length, color, everything.

Premier Manners Minder (fka Treat and Train)

We LOVE this thing! I love it because it feeds me treats, mom and John love it because I'm quiet now. Wonderful for everyone involved. The Manners Minder is a remote treat dispensing machine. You can read more about how it works on their FAQ page.
We are using it to keep me quiet when mom walks out of the door. I hate when she does that...and boy, did it work to keep being noisy! Now I get fed instead. Mom says we'll do a whole post about this later, with some be on the look-out for that!

Mom's gotta go deal with the puppy talk to you later!


Logan said...

Great post Sawyer! It reminded my mom that she has to take our Treat n Train out of the closet (yup, one of the originals that she got before we were partnered) and that she wanted to get one of thoes sure grip leads.

I'm going to post about stuff that we LOVE too on my blog soon. Hope you don't mind that we copied you! (but different stuff!)


Service Dog Sawyer said...

Yeah, we had a Treat and Train sitting in the closet for almost a YEAR. When mom and Score went to Clicker Expo, it inspired her to get off her butt and take it out!

I'm so happy she did!

Feel free to copy away...I can't wait to see what you guys love!