Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The siblings...

Mom said I should introduce my brothers and sisters, since I talk about them all of the time. So...I guess I will. (she's making me do this!)

My oldest older brother is Ripley. He's an Aussie like me, but fluffy. He's really, really old! He's ten and a half years old. That's soooo old. He is retired from almost everything 'cause he's got arthritis. He used to play flyball, frisbee and do agility. But now he just does Therapy work, and occasionally plays around at the other stuff.

Xander is my other older brother. He's old too...he's seven! He's an Aussie too. All he wants to do is play ball. All of the time, it's really boring. And he's faster than me. He's stupid. This is what he does all of the time, stares at mom so she'll throw the ball. He does stuff for John too, if I don't feel like it. He can do everything I do. But I'm better.

This is Inara. She's a red merle Aussie. She's crazy. Seriously. Mom will agree. She thinks people are scary and likes to bark at them. She thinks she's the boss of us...but I tell her all the time that she's NOT. Then mom tells us to "CUT IT OUT!"

P.S. Look at her crazy eye! She's scary!

This is Score. He's okay, as brothers go. He's not an Aussie, but a pit bull/lab mix. He was supposed to be a Service Dog, but since we have BSL around here, he got a career change, and lives with us. He's a flyball dog (soon to be debuting!), and a Service Dog demo dog. He's alright. I wrestle with him sometimes. If I feel like it.

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