Friday, June 6, 2008

Playing in the yard...

Not much going on lately...just playing around in the yard. The gas prices are horrible (mom says so)...and John's van runs on diesel. We stay home more now. That's fine, as long as we still get to play!

That's my annoying sister, Inara, behind me. She thinks she needs to be in every picture...because she's so pretty.

Look how fast I am!

So fast, mom has trouble catching it on the camera!

Off to play some more, see ya!


Denise Portis said...

Wow, Sawyer! You are very athletic! And I "hear ya" (pardon the pun) about gas prices! Yikes! That's part of the reason Chloe and I aren't making it to Wednesday night trainings much! We live in Frederick!

Bet you are playing more in the morning and evening now. Is it hot OR WHAT? Chloe and I took a walk at 8:15 PM last night and were still wiped out!

Service Dog Sawyer said...

It is definitely too hot for playing this weekend!

We went out this morning for playtime, and out for a few potty trips during the heat of the day. Mom says we have to wait until later to play some more.