Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We got a new lead!

We won a contest a few weeks ago...and we won a free lead from one of our favorite companies...Ella's Leads. The other part of the prize is a new collar from Collarmania...but we haven't decided to what to order yet! The new collar will be for Score. For the contest, we had to write a poem about our humans, from our perspective.

The new lead is going to Xander, as he needed a new purple lead for flyball (purple is our team color). He already loves it...(see above).

Here is our winning poem:

My Mom: A Poem in Five Parts

My mom should feed me more.
More, more, more.
Despite this neglect,
She is a good mom.
She lets me lie all day
in the sunshine.
My coat is now cheeto orange.
She hates it, but lets me be.
My mom should feed me more.

My mom should throw the ball more.
More, more, more.
Any ball will do.
But tennis balls are best.
She is a good mom though,
and takes me to play FLYBALL.
I do love her.
She even lets me snore in her ear.
But she could throw the ball more.

My mom should buy me more.
More, more, more.
More leashes, collars and coats.
A girl can never have enough pink
in her wardrobe.
She is nice though.
She even dresses us alike sometimes,
with matching pink bandanas.
She likes to be a girl too.

My mom should stop talking to me.
No more, no more, no more.
I shall only listen to John now.
John never gives me baths.
mom does hand out more treats.
And she does give us all dinner.
Maybe mom can talk to me a little bit.
When she's feeding me.

My mom should give me more love.
More, more, more.
Does she not understand that I am a needy bully?
The others don't require as much love as I do.
I am a huge sponge ready to soak up hugs and kisses.
She is always squeezing me and smooshing my face,
and poking my padded head.
But I should get more!
Maybe I'll go sit on her.

A poem in five parts
Written with Love by Ripley, Xander, Inara, Sawyer and Score

P.S. Those who have Hearing Dogs in MD...and need orange leads...Ella's Leads have blaze orange mountain rope leads...and can make custom ones for you. :)


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