Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally some good weather...

John doesn't go out much when it's cold I've been a bit bored lately. With the deep snow, it makes things we haven't done anything. Nothing much to write about. I don't even like to go out with the other dogs and Mom if John doesn't go. I did play with Mom in the snow a little bit this past week...I was desparate!

I bounced right out of the frame!

Finally now we have some good weather...and I hope it sticks around. Mom said something about raiding the piggy bank and going to a movie this afternoon...that'd be cool. She said Watchmen...whatever that is. I can sleep through any movie...action or otherwise.


Catching snowballs!

Maybe John will go outside and through my Orbee ball today! Paws crossed!


See ya!

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inaradog said...

Inara says that playing in the snow is the best. If you see Watchmen, make sure you post on PBT how it was! ;-)