Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where do I go?

As a Service Dog, I can go pretty much anywhere...because I help John. I can't imagine being left behind...I hate being left out. I think that's one reason I make such a good SD, my overwhelming desire to be a part of whatever John is doing.

Of course John always makes sure that I'll be safe...he's not going to walk me across broken glass, or a dangerous grate in the sidewalk. I look out for him, but he also looks out for me. We went to the National Zoo a few years ago...and went to go into an aviary of sorts...with monkeys loose inside. The girl at the desk told us that we could not go inside. John asked why. She said because of the monkeys. John told her that I wasn't going to eat a monkey...and that we assumed that the monkeys weren't going to eat me. She went and asked a manager...and he said, "sure". So we went inside.

Didn't see any monkeys.

Would Mom have seen monkeys if I hadn't gone in? Perhaps. But that's the risk she takes...going along with me and John. No monkey viewing.

John is my advocate...he speaks up on my behalf if he thinks the "no dogs" verdict is silly. He didn't get rude...he just wanted to know why she thought it was bad idea. Some folks with an Assistance Dog might have just said, "Okay" and walked (or rolled) away, and not gone in the aviary. Not John. He wants to enjoy everything that other people get to enjoy. I can't think of any place so far where he's hesitated about taking me. Of course, he's got lots of experience with having a that might be it...he may have fought these battles previously.

Like I said in a previous post...the partnership is a two-way street. I work for John, but he also works for me. He keeps me safe, happy and allows me to work to the best of my ability. I stay by his side at all times, and he keeps me by his side at all times. No turning around and saying "Okay" for him. He ventures into unknown territory with me by his side. That's what it's all about.



Melissa Mitchell said...

great post!

krismom said...

My 17 yearold Son Kristopher is enjoying your blog. He has autism and cp and uses a wheelchair 80% of the time. I am introducing the idea of a service dog to him and your blog is a great way to do it, Thanks!