Thursday, January 17, 2008

My first post!

Hello everybody! I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is Sawyer, and I am a three year old Australian shepherd, or "Aussie". Color? Red, tan and white-most commonly referred to as "red tri". Aussies are energetic, enthusiastic herding dogs that need a job. Since I don't live on a sheep farm or cattle ranch, I had to find a non-herding job. I decided to be a
Service Dog.

A little about my background. I was found wandering the streets of St. Louis, MO back in 2005. A very kind woman found me and took me to the vet clinic where she worked. I was with her for six weeks before my mom found my picture on a rescue website. She fell in love at first sight. Trouble was, she lives in was she to get me out there? A friend living in MO found out about our plight, and offered to drive me to my new mom. She drove all the way to MD just to drop me off! She is a truly wonderful person...and she still follows up on what I'm doing all of the time!

Once I got to MD, I started learning some basic obedience, and quickly got into flyball also. (Flyball is our most favorite sport in our house! My mom's a Flyball Mom instead of a Soccer Mom) Then mom got the idea to start teaching me some Service Dog skills. She works with a non-profit organization that trains Assistance Dogs for people with disabilities. She taught my brothers some skills too. I really, really liked it though...and couldn't get enough of it. I learned to retrieve objects, how to tug open doors/cabinets, to tug off clothing and more. It was so much fun! But it was still just a game.

Then, mom's friend moved in as a roommate. His name is John and he has a disability called Muscular Dystrophy. He has trouble walking so he rides in a scooter. He also has trouble with picking things up off of the floor, and opening doors. Everything that I'm good at! John's former Service Dog had retired, and then died at the grand old age of 13. He was looking for a new Service Dog, and I was looking for an employment opportunity! It was fate! I took to the job like I was born for it. I love going out in public, and I love working for John. For my birthday last year, I got a new cape (purple) that says "Working, please ask before petting" and "Service Dog".

My hopes for this blog are to educate people about Service Dogs in general...and to show what we SDs do for our partners. Hope you enjoy!



Logan said...

Hey Sawyer! Logan here, I'm a service dog with a blog too! I'm a female golden retriever trained by My Wonderful Dog in Maine. My mom uses a scooter sometimes, like your partner John. Sometimes she uses a cane. Either way, I do a lot of retrieving and she says that I am the best helper.

I should start a link to dogs with blogs on my blog, would you like me to link to your blog?

Service Dog Logan, CGC

Service Dog Sawyer said...

That's so cool Logan! Great to meetcha! We'd love to be linked on your page...and I'll link back once I get the hang of this blog-thing.


Joyce said...

What an interesting life you have had, Sawyer! Lucky you to have found your forever home with such wonderful people. And lucky them to have found you.



Awesome blog, Sawyer! You are one of my favorite pups! ;)

rachael said...

Hi Sawyer!
I have an Australian Shepherd service dog too! His name is Boris. He is a pattern white with blue merle markings above his eyes and ears, with one blue and one brown eye. He is a rescue dog who was eating my house up - literally - until I put him too work. I have very low vision and a seizure disorder, so Boris now does a very capable job as my navigator and medical alert dog. I don't know what I would do without him!!