Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Therapy Dog Day

As I mentioned before, I am a Therapy Dog as well as a Service Dog. It's nice to be able to do both jobs. It definitely keeps me busy.

Today I went with John to the school reading program we participate in (DEAR-Dogs Educating and Assisting Readers). A third-grade boy reads to me while I sit quietly and listen. Usually my brothers, Ripley and Xander do the program, but Ripley is out with a bad tooth. So I get to take over for him until he feels better. I love helping kids read, and I love the treats I get at the end of the session. Sometimes the books they read are really funny. John reported to mom today that I kept wagging my nubby tail during the entire session. (It was a good book!)

Since John is in a scooter, he can't get on the floor like the other I sit in a chair right next to our reader. This works well, as he can pet me and read at the same time, and I get to relax up off of that cold floor!

After the reading, I showed off some of my skills by picking up my leash on command. I'm really looking forward to filling in for Ripley in the next few weeks.


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