Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What I do for John...

Whenever we are out, people want to know what I do for John. If he has time, he'll show off some skill for them. Usually he'll have me retrieve something off the floor...his keys, cell phone or whatever he's got in his hands at the moment. That's an easy one to show off for curious folks...and I enjoy it immensely. People are usually very impressed.

But that is not all that I do for him. I have many skills that
come in handy around the house and out in public, and I'm always learning new ones.

I can pick up almost any object for John, as I mentioned, his keys and phone are common for him to drop (and not always for the purpose of "showing off"...he usually just accidentally drops them). I bring him his clothes and shoes at home, so he can get dressed. I can pick up dropped pieces of paper, loose change, water bottles and utensils...just to name a few things. I can carry/drag heavy items like mom's training bag. ;) Mom is working on getting me better at laundry...but I think
John is more of the problem there.


I like doing laundry!

One skill that definitely comes in handy in many different ways is the Tug. I can use tugging to open the refrigerator door, or to open cabinets and drawers. I use tugging to help John get his clothes off at home, and his jacket off in public.

I also use tugging to help John get into bed. At home it's not a big deal, but sometimes if we're traveling for flyball, we stay in motels. Many motels tuck their sheets and blankets in really tight, and John can't get them pulled out enough to get under them! That's where I come in. I tug the blankets and sheets until they're loose enough for John to get in bed easily.

Something else I do at home is: I carry object back and forth from John and mom...phones, notes, water bottles anything mom's too lazy to go get from John. (just kidding mom!) And something else I do in public is I hit door buttons for John...I just put my paws up and hit those automatic door buttons.

I'm also learning new skills such as putting my paws up on counters to hand stuff to people, like
money or credit cards. I love to learn new things! I have the best job ever!


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Joyce said...

Oh Sawyer! Please come to my house and do the laundry!