Monday, December 28, 2009

After our long winter's nap...


See, John gets really cold, really he doesn't like to go out much in the winter. But I get bored at home, and start going stir-crazy. I don't like to go out and run around with the other dogs, unless John is out there. So we both sit on the couch all day not, or lay in bed. Not a bad life, but a dog does get bored.

So Mom is kicking us out today. She said, "There is no snow, the weather is milder, go OUT!" We're going to head to the library and then maybe go wander around Wal-mart or something...somewhere big and warm.

It's been a while (almost a month) since I've worn my cape and vest...of course I'm always working in the house...but I do like to get out and about!

Wish us luck!
~SDS (ready to rumble!)

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Anonymous said...

Have fun John and Sawyer! Wal-mart is a great way to immediately immerse yourself back into reality! Oh my, the things I see at Wal-mart!

Chloe (and Denise)