Monday, December 15, 2008

Clean bill of health

I went to the vet today...a new vet that gives discounts to Service Dogs. (how very nice of them!) I got an exam, my distemper combo shot and horror of horrors, *whispers* they took a fecal sample. I grumbled for that one. Ugh. Who wouldn't?

Everything was good, of course, I am perfect in every way. (Riiighhhhtttt...says Mom)

It's nice to have everyone ooh and ahh over me of course...they were impressed at my skills (I offered them lots of behaviors for some kibble). It was a nice time. Mom wishes Inara would find the vet as fun as Score and I do. Silly sister!

Anyway...I've got to go nap on the couch, it's been a long day.

Happy and healthy for the new year

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