Thursday, December 4, 2008

So busy!

It's hard to find time to blog when you're a busy guy like me! What with all of the relatives and friends over for Thanksgiving, flyball tournaments and other fun stuff, it's been crazy around here!

Mom says it's a slow day today, so we'll get back and blog about our puppy class field trip from last night...but later! Be patient! For now, some updates on the household:

Bryce is doing well, and growing lots of nose and legs. No one asks "What breed is he?" anymore...most people can guess "Collie" now. Hard to miss that needle nose. He's making friends with the kitten, Fry, and charms everyone he meets. Except for Mom when he poops on the floor behind her.

Xander is still on crate rest, and will need surgery soon. His ACL is still bothering him, he barely puts weight on it. Mom is guessing that it's more than a partial tear. Now we have to raise the money for his surgery somehow. Ugh. He's a good boy though, Mom says, and is quiet in his crate (not like me!)

I'm doing well...been getting out a lot. (John hates to go out when it's cold...but Mom tells him that I need to get out some, so he goes out-just for little ol' me!) I love to get out and go places...that's one reason I love being a Service Dog. I've been behaving myself everywhere we go...Mom and John have been very proud of me. It's been 2 years since I decided that this was the life for me...and I think we're all very pleased at my decision. (the humans think THEY made the choice...right!)

The big news? I got an invite to be part of the DogTime Blog I'm going to be a DogTime Blog Star soon! We'll have more of an audience soon! Thanks for the invite, DogTime!

That's it for now...I'll hopefully have some puppy class pics up later!

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