Sunday, December 21, 2008

John wants to brag on me...

I can't believe it...John actually wanted to brag about me in writing today! So I am graciously turning the blog over to him tonight!

*Some details were edited to keep this blog PG. ;)


While shopping for pen kits and stuff we had a run in with the store owner's dog, a Shiba Inu. I saw the dog in another corner of he store and he was sniffing the air, I guess he smelled Sawyer, then he disappears for about a minute. Next thing I see is this dog sliding to a stop in the aisle next to us, he back pedals and immediately sticks his nose right into Sawyer's face. Sawyer does a quick sniff and comes right back to my side so we can continue our shopping and the Shiba continues to shove his nose up Sawyer's rear end*. After the dog not leaving us alone, I had to put my hand on the shiba's head to push him away, multiple times, one of the employees finally comes over and just tells the dog to leave us alone and walks off. I guess we ignored the dog long enough and he went away. We move to another part of the store and the dog gets right up into Sawyer's face so Sawyer turns away from him then the stupid dog tries to put his head/neck onto Sawyer's back, then wants to play. Sawyer finally has had enough and lets out a low, quick grumble and to my surprise the Shiba just stops without any kind of reaction. He just looked at Sawyer and decided to make himself a little smaller and just went away.

Sawyer behaved amazingly well, like he always does. I could not believe how well the Shiba was with people and Sawyer. I've always heard that Shibas are not good with other dogs. This one was a little rude but backed off really quickly when he was told off.

Whoohoo Bean!

I should probably give Erin a little credit for Sawyer's behavior too.

-John (Sawyer's human)

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