Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why am I so good with other animals?

Maybe because I live with soooo many. We know many Assistance Dogs with prey drive problems...but not me. I am immune to small critters. We were at a rodent show last year, and a ferret was running lose, and ran over my front legs as I laid by John's scooter. Mom saw me...I didn't even flinch. (the ferret then took up occupancy under the scooter and had a fine time playing there)

Mom tries to take all of the "zoo" to puppy class every so often, so the puppies that don't live with us can get some exposure too. Not every puppy raiser keeps a small community of critters in the house like Mom does. And all of our critters are dog-savvy and dog-friendly. Like Fry, the new kitten pictured above. He's either really brave, or kinda dumb. Below is a picture of him with a visiting whippet friend, Cruz. Crazy kitten!

Bryce (the Fidos collie pup in training) and Fry are now friends, btw...Mom keeps trying to get pics of them playing, but they're so fast...the pics are always blurry! She'll keep trying!

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