Friday, December 26, 2008

Don't waste your money...

We tried our new pet nail sander today...Mom had it wrong, it's not the Peticure, but the Pedi Paws one.

Awful...the thing is too slow/weak to do our nails. Mom thought it would be a nice alternative to the heavy dremel she uses now, but it wasn't good at all. We all can handle the dremel at medium speed, but this thing spooked us because it kept stopping and skipping when our nails touched it. Barely did anything for our nails. Mom gave up after trying mine and Score's nails, and then did Xander's too. You can't tell that she used the thing. Stupid product.

Save your money, Mom says, and get a real dremel (she hears that the Pet Sander version is quite nice n' portable). We got this Pedi Paws as a present from our Grumparents...hopefully they can get their money back.

~SDS (happy that he didn't get his nails done today!)

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hearingelmo said...

My mom uses a dremel too, but as long as she does my nails at night when I'm sleepy it's not a problem. She's been talking about these other products you mentioned though. Maybe she should stick with a dremel?

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