Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photo dump

I'm working on a long story, which I think you'll all be interested in...but I'm taking a nap on the couch at the moment. So I'm turning the blog over to Score to post some random pics. Enjoy!

Hi Guys! Score here! Mom said I should post some pics of the critters...so that's what I'll do! We've got some new critters...I'll introduce you to them.

Here's the new bunny...his name is Castle. He's a tortoise mini rex. He's really F-A-T. He likes to climb the stairs. He climbs the stairs better than some of our doggy friends (like WhoBe).

Fry and Pippin are best buddies...

Thorn is the Queen of the house...

Fry likes to snuggle with all of us...

Fry snuggles with everyone...

Me (Score) n' Pippin taking a nap.

Loooooonnnnng cat:

See you guys later!


Denise Portis said...

Loved the pictures Score. You should have a blog of your own. I look forward to Sawyer's "long story".

My mom has been really bad about posting. She's in school and claims that she doesn't have any good ideas because everything is being poured into boring papers (eye roll).

Loved the pictures. Say? Do I have to get a bunny in order to decide they aren't to be chased/hunted? I still drive mom nuts. I found two tonight on our walk, but darn it! She has great eyesight and saw them before me! She was ready for my spring!

Hugs and slobbery kisses,
Hearing Assistance Dog

PETtell said...

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