Sunday, May 3, 2009

Speaking of names

Mom thought I should clear something up about my name. Now, you all know me as Service Dog Sawyer, and my name is Sawyer. My "registered" name is Herart's Once Was I was named for a character on the TV show LOST. But when you see me in public, John usually calls me "Bean".

Just don't call me late for dinner...

He's not crazy, no's just one of my many nicknames. Mom started calling me "Soybean" after I first came home. That's evolved into just "Bean" nowadays. Sometimes it's "Beanie" or "Beanie Weenie" or "Beaner" or "Beans". Sometimes when Mom is silly she calls me "Soya Bean Cake" because she saw that once at an Indonesian restaurant. *eye roll*

I think it confuses people sometimes, when they hear John talking to me, calling me "Bean" and then saying "His name is Sawyer" when someone asks. I don't think John and Mom are concerned about people's confusion however, they usually just laugh.

Mom is a big one for nicknames, she says she choses each name carefully for its nickname potential...can't have a bad nickname for anyone! I think it's because she doesn't really have any nicknames herself...she's addicted to them for us. We all have our "official" names because Mom likes to have a big long name for us for flyball certificates and such. Everyone but Ripley has the prefix of "Herart"...that comes from Mom's art stuff...when she makes stuff it falls under the name of H.E.R. Art designs. The name comes from her first three dogs: Harding, Elwood and Ripley.

Ripley is officially Ripley U Better Believe It. However, he's usually referred to as Rip or Ripples. From there it goes crazy...he's also Reeples, Rip Torn, Reepicheep, Weeples, Fluffy, Fluffy-butt, Fluffy McFlufferstein, Floofy, Fluffles, Fluffer-nutter, Mr. Fluffy-pants, Fuff, Fuffy-butt, Fuffy Fufferstein and more.

Xander is officially Herart's Demon Lover. (Buffy fans will get that reference) However...he's often referred to as Xanderoo or Roo. Then we go down that crazy slippery slope of Mom's crazy nicknames...Xanna-woo, Woo, Woo-woo, Woobie, Xanna-moo, Moo, Moo-lips, Moo-moo, Moobie, Moofles, Moo-man, Moof, Moofy-lips, and Mr. Mandamoo. We can't forget Big Head Todd...another nickname.

Inara is Herart's Serenity Companion (again, Firefly/Serenity fans will get this one). She is usually just called Pretty or Pretty-pretty. A far cry from her first nickname of Pure Evil. (she's come so far!). She's also called Inna, Pretty Inna, Crazy Woman, Girlie and Truly Scrumptious (yes, Mom sings the song to her).

Score is Herart's Makin' Trax. He has a lot of nicknames too...Puppy, Brown Puppy, Big Brown Puppy, Pupple, Scorzle, Scorble, Scorgeous, Scar, Score-pup, Toast, Solid Pack, Snuggle Puppy and Baby Puppy.

I think the nicknames have something to do with how attached Mom gets...Dove (our former SDiT) was Dovelet and The Chocolate Shark during her short time here...and Mom really liked Dove. Bryce was here for a while...but only got one nickname...Baby Anteater. Gibbs puppy is our foster, and Mom likes him a lot...he's Superbad, Giblet, Chocolate Puppy, and more. Denver doesn't have any nicknames really...I think Mom is trying to detatch from he's closer to moving on than the rest of the dogs we usually have here.

Did I hear my name?

What nicknames do your crazy humans give you? Any embarassing ones? Do tell!

~SDS aka Bean


Denise Portis said...

Geesh. My mom should hang out with your mom more! My nicknames are totally boring!

Chloe Dog, Cloe, She Hound, Hound dog (said with MAJOR southern accent), Schmuggins. (The last one? Pllleeeeze!)

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Fidos For Freedom

Erin,Bubs,Tex and Ben said...

Whoa! What a list of names!! How DO you remember them all!?!

inaradog said...

Hmmm, my name is also Inara, but mama calls me: Mom, Mama, Mama dog, Sunshine, Silly butt, Legs McGee, Lips McGee, Ears McGee, Baby love, puppy girl, Crazy dog, Doo da, Oh the doo da day, Stinkerdoo...that's all I can remember right now.

Melissa Mitchell said...

Well let's see....
Shiloh- Shi; Shi, shi; little girl, shi-monkey. I am a cattle dog mix so my serious, yet sweet demeanor doesn't lend itself to many nicknaames.
Einstein- Eini; monkey; eini-steiny; eni-meny-miney eini and cheeky monkey (given to him by his vet), boy, baby boy. This is a seventy lb German line German shepherd. He is sooo sweet and bubbly. Definitely not typical. His evil twin is Albert.
Bastien- Bastioni, Mac, Macoroni, Bastioni Macoroni, the boy, handsome, my boy and his evil twin Barnard.
Cammy- The cammers, Cammer-doodle dog, doodle, the labOR-ador. Her evil twin is Cammille. In our pack evil twins are to blame for all those annoying, wrong or bad things dogs who look like ours do, but simply can't be our wonderful dogs. It is a great way to vent frustration with out inflicting it in any way on your dog.

Service Dog Sawyer said...

These nicknames are too funny!

Mom keeps remembering names that she forgot to write down...I think she just makes them up day by day. ;)

Melissa...we like the evil twin names. Ripley is the only one with one of those right now...his is "Rapley". Rapley is the one that does all the bad stuff around the house.

StellaStar said...

Let's see...

For Rufus, there's Rufus Doofus, Roof-doof, Roo, Roonykins, RUFUSNO!, Baddog, Roofie, and Cuddlemunches

For Stella, there's Stellykins, Stellars, Stellabutt, Snugglekins, Stenelope, and Stellita.

Nice blog, Sawyer! We'll be checking back often!