Saturday, May 2, 2009

Upcoming flyball events...

If anyone in the MD/NoVA area is interested in seeing some FLYBALL...we'll be competing during the last two weekends of May. The first tournament is the FBI tournament in Manassas, VA at the Prince William County Fairgrounds. The second one is at Fort Meade in MD...part of the Pet Expo that Fort Meade is having. Both are open to the public, and everyone is invited! For more info, click the links below!

FBI Flyball Tournament @ the PWC Fairgrounds

Scallywags Flyball Tournament @ Fort Meade

I'll be there both weekends racing full-time...and everyone says that I'm a sight to see when I'm racing. People who have seen me in full-on Service Dog mode can't believe how crazy I get in flyball, and on the flip side, people who have seen me in crazy flyball mode can't believe that I can calm down and behave in public places as a Service Dog! I know how to keep my work and hobbies separate!

For anyone who still don't know what flyball's a video explaining the sport. My teammate made the there's a lot of ME in here!

What's Flyball?


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