Monday, November 24, 2008

And I'm the one being denied access...

We were out to eat last night at Golden Corral...with the flyball team, after a great weekend of flyballin'. I was under the table, as usual, fast asleep. Flyball makes me very tired!

The table next to us had numerous kids of all ages, running around the entire building. The parents were sitting at the table talking and having a lovely time, while the kids ran everywhere. Mom almost tripped over them twice. At one point, they came over about 6' away, crouched down and started barking at me. Being a good Service Dog, I remained quiet and polite. Mom however, had enough...and turned to talk to the kids. She told them "Don't bark at the dog." The kids stayed there, and kept "woofing". Mom was tired and cranky, and finally turned around and said loudly, "LEAVE THE DOG ALONE!". There might have been a little growl too.

The kids ran off. The parents didn't notice a thing. But the kids left me alone.

And I'm the one people don't want in restaurants. *shakes head*

The world is a crazy place...


Denise Portis said...

LOL! Well, Sawyer, here's the thing: We mom's are usually minded better and have a little more authority in our "voices" than you and Chloe do. Imagine Chloe's embarrassment went I marched over to some parent's not paying attention and informed them that their children were interfering with a working dog and I was going to have to get the manager if they didn't stop them. Chloe could have crawled under the table. (oh wait... she was already there!)

Logan said...

You think that's bad Sawyer... I was in a down stay at a service dog demo at the mall when this little girl came running up to me, stomped on my tail and ran off! I, being a well trained service dog didn't do anything but Mom's jaw dropped 2 feet in disbelief. Where was the girl's mother? Walking and talking with a friend about 20 feet back, totally oblivious as to where her child was or what she had done.

Maybe we should make bumper stickers or patches that say "My service dog is better behaved than your child"!

Service Dog Sawyer said...

Wow Logan...good thing I don't have a tail! That can't happen to me!

I'm all for those bumper stickers!