Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, John and I have have homework.


Mom says it's something we have to work on together. Seems I'm getting too excited when we go out places this season, and I'm chomping too hard when I go to tug John's coat off. We were at a fundraiser tea yesterday...(for Caring Carroll, a coalition in our county that helps with non-medical needs of home-bound residents)...and I went to tug John's coat off, and Mom heard his yelp across the room.

So she's making us work on this at home...and teaching me to remember to use a soft mouth. It's been a while since I've tugged off his coat in public...and I guess I forgot. (Yeah...I forgot, that's it) Mom said that she's gonna make John work on this, because she's tired of hearing him yell "OUCH!"

I'll keep you updated on my progress...a Service Dog's training is never done! *sheesh*

~SDS *with a new, improved, softer mouth*

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