Monday, November 3, 2008

We'll all together again...

Hey all...isn't it great to have your family around? Don't you love when your friends and family are one and the same?

Mom took the others (Ripley, Xander, Inara and the two cats!) to Indiana with her last week. She went to a Girl Scout convention...she even took Summer (SDiT). But she left me here with John. (which is what I wanted of course) I sometimes get annoyed at my siblings, and snark at them. Mom says she always thinks I'd prefer to be an only dog...with John as my only human companion.

While they were in IN, mom hung out with Auntie La-la, and my Grumma and Grumpa...and even my little cousin Katie and Uncle Drew! Mom loves to be around her's always such fun, even when they're having a bad day. Mom and Auntie La-la act so silly when they're together, you'd think they were kids still...and Uncle Drew acts silly too...Auntie Kico just rolls her eyes when he is with them. She says he "reverts" somehow. Who knows...I just know that they all act silly and have a good time together. Mom would hate to be an only child.

Guess what though...I don't like it either. I was really, really excited when everyone came home last night...I pounced on Mom and WOOO-WOOOOO'd at her. Then I started wrestling with Score, and even chased Inara around the house a couple of times. Mom was really surprised! She said that I must like having everyone around after all! I maybe should act nicer when they're around now...we'll see...


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Denise Portis said...

What a GREAT family photo, Sawyer!