Friday, November 21, 2008

Why it's so important...

Mom is always telling puppy owners about the important stuff. Why it's important to crate train, why it's important to have your puppy eliminate on cue, why it's important for your puppy to handle being alone, and more.

It's hit home this week, why she lectures them so much.

Xander tore an ACL this week (on Tuesday), and he's on strict crate rest and leash walking.

Luckily, Mom practices what she preaches, and things are going smoothly. Xander's a bit depressed because he can't run around with all of us, but he's doing okay. His leg hurts a lot, I can tell.

Mom has him in a crate in the office, so he can see everyone. He has a big cushy bed and lots of stuffed Kongs and chewies. He can only go out in the front yard (the back yard has steps), and only on a leash...luckily he potties on command and on leash. Mom keeps saying that this would be much harder with a dog not used to going in a crate or eliminating on cue. She thinks of all of the dogs she knows that can't do stuff like this, and groans just thinking about how to take care of them.

We're off for the weekend to a flyball tournament...the good thing is, I get to take Xander's spot, so I get to run more! But poor Xander, he's gonna be so sad. Mom's gonna have to make sure she has lots of peanut butter (his favorite) for his Kongs.


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Denise Portis said...

Poor Xander! Give a kiss/lick from me!