Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Soybean!

The Soybean turned 4 today! :cheer:

He was rescued from the mean streets of Kansas City, MO, taken in by a kind-hearted vet tech, and spotted by me on an Aussie Rescue photo page...and transported to me sight-unseen, by a friend on an Aussie board...all the way to Maryland. He was all of 8 months old. I gave him the birthday of January 15th.

First Day Home

He was an awful little man, who chewed everything in sight (I have a box of all the remainders of the weird items he ate...including a piece of wood about 1"x1" that is finished on one side...still don't know where that came from! Sawyer and I never completely clicked, but we enjoyed each other to some extent...he loved playing flyball and frisbee and stuff.

Early Bean

Sawyer needed a job obviously...and he found his partner in John. I jokingly gave him Sawyer one day to try out as a Service Dog...since he could somewhat retrieve stuff. John had retired his first SD, and his second one had temperament issues (bit a woman)...and he was a bit desperate. Xander liked working in the house, but wasn't crazy about going EVERYWHERE with John. So I told him..."Try Sawyer." Being an obstinate fool, he did try Sawyer. We just threw him into the job...took him to the mall one day. Sawyer LOVED it. (I do not recommend this to Did everything perfectly, and after that day did not have much to say to me. His mind was made up, he was John's dog. :| Okay. :) They've been working together two years in November...and Sawyer's never been happier. (and he still loves playing flyball and frisbee...but only if John's around!)

Happy Birfday Sawyer-bean!

Love, Mom worries, Sawyer will be back blogging soon, he's taking a break by laying on the couch with John for his special day (it seems to the same as any other day, but that's what he wanted...along with devouring the contents of my bait bag and eating a bunch of cat food...what a day!)


Logan said...

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

Denise Portis said...

Happy birthday, Sawyer!