Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pet Expo

We went to the MD Pet Expo was crazy as always. Lots of people with pet dogs, and pet everythings...parrots, cats, rabbits, even farm animals. But nothing bothers me, since I live in this zoo,

The only thing that bothered me was when I saw the demo that our friends, Greg and Katrina (Metropolitan K9) put on at the Expo. They did a protection sport demo (bitework, obedience, narcotics detection) and I always get excited when I see the dogs swinging around on the decoy (the guy in the bitesuit that "catches" the dog...well, catching meaning "letting the dog bite you"). Mom thinks I want to try biting the decoy too...but John says we do enough stuff. It is fun to watch though! John had to feed me treats to keep me from whining and barking. (haven't I got him well trained?) Mom got to help with Katrina's youngest Malinois, Nemo...and I think she re-discovered her love of Mals...I hate to tell her that she's stuck with us Aussies for a while longer!

It was fun to walk around and see everything...and John of course had to take me into the "No Pets Allowed" cat show area. John's daughter was along for the weekend, and since Mom held Score, it was up to John to take her into the cat show area. Someone told him that dogs weren't allowed, but he told them of course that I wasn't a pet dog, so I could go in. I don't think the cats cared at all...the people were more worried. I have to say though, that the sign that was posted did have the proper terminology on said "NO PETS ALLOWED". Quite different than "NO DOGS ALLOWED". So kudos to the Expo staff on that sign!

We didn't see any other Assistance Dogs, which was surprising...but it was still fun.

Sorry no pics though...Mom was busy wrangling Score. lol


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