Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's cold and we're stranded

There are other parts of the country that are much, much colder than we are right now...but it is cold enough to strand us here at home. John's van runs on diesel, and we found out that 17 degrees is the temperature that gels diesel fuel. So until it warms up, John and I can't go anywhere. Well, I could go with mom, but what fun is that? I'd be worried about what's happening at home.

So we're here, not going anywhere for the time being...unless someone with a wheelchair lift miraculously comes to take us for a ride. But we're okay, we're warm, there's food, and the TV works. We can't complain tooooo much. Mom is going out tonight without us...she's mean that way! *grrrr*

Maybe I can convince John to play with me later...I love to play with his hands...

Stranded at home...

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