Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Day tomorrow

It's exciting, we're getting a new president tomorrow. I feel like we had a hand in this, John and we went to vote for the first time. What a great feeling.

However, this Inauguration Day stuff is crazy. We live near Washington DC, and things are getting wild around here. Schools and roads are closed because of traffic getting into the city. I'm glad we don't have anywhere to go tomorrow...and we're closer to Baltimore than DC.

I hope that no Service Animals are dragged down to the city it's going to be crowded and cold. No big bags mean no way to carry supplies for Service Animals...and I'm sure there will be few places to potty Assistance Dogs. I hope everyone keeps their pets at home's going to be rough going for the people!

We'll be watching at home, warm and snuggly on the couch!

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