Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Year's Exercise For Grownups

This link is from clickertraining.com...and is one of the letters from Karen Pryor.

A New Year's Exercise For Grownups

Basically, the article talks about humans making an effort to reward other humans in every day life. Taking the time to tell them that they did a nice job. With clicker training, humans try really hard to focus on the good stuff we dogs do, rather than correcting/punishing us for the bad stuff.

Mom has been trying to set this human-human reinforcing in her puppy class that she teaches. They give each other raffle tickets for things they saw the other human do that they liked. It seems to be helping, as most everyone has lovely things to say to each other. It's funny, as there is a always a kid or two in class, and people have no problem telling the kids "good job" or "well done on teaching that behavior", but are often awkward when they tell other adult humans the same thing. Why is that? Why do humans get so awkward when dealing with each other? Humans are so weird.

(Who loves to reinforce humans..."Yes Human! That butt scratch feels wonderful!")


Speak(er) said...

Hi Sawyer!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and passing on your encouragement. Thank-you, too for adding "Speak" to your links.

Keep up the great work with John - you really are a very smart, beautiful red dog.

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