Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Big Night Out

With the help of some friends, we got the van started John and I could join the girls on the Night Out we had planned.


We went to the Cancun Cantina, a local bar and dance club, to celebrate a friend's birthday. We hadn't been there before, so we weren't sure what to expect. They had to get us in a side door, as the front door had a step up...but that was okay. The guy checking IDs at the door was concerned about me though. "Will he go to the bathroom on the floor?" is what he asked. I was a bit offended by that, but I didn't let it show, I just stood there calmly as everyone explained that no, I wasn't going to do that inside. After that, he was quite chatty, telling me that I was very handsome, and so quiet. He did however ask if I was of age...and when Mom told him that I just turned 4 years old, which made me 28, he laughed and said that I could go inside! He kept saying, "I've never had a Service Dog come in before!" and asked John what I did for him. It was nice...he was friendly.

Then we went inside the club part...and found out that the floor was concrete and cold, so Mom went back out to the van to bring a bed in for me. John parked the scooter and put me between a heavy table and the no one would step on me. I curled up and went to sleep. I slept through lots and lots of dancing, really loud music, fog machines, lights flashing, disco balls and everything else you see at a dance club. It was kinda fun! We didn't get pics of course, because Mom was a little bit drunk, and it was dark. When we left, it was soooo crowded, so we found a bouncer to clear the way for John and me...people were so surprised to see me coming through the crowd. I usually get behind the scooter when going through a crowd, but last night, I amused Mom by pushing through the drunks and shoving my way through the crowd. I was awesome!

But I'm always awesome...


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Denise Portis said...

Grin... sounds like you had fun Sawyer!